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Music as Therapy-"Tunes on Taps"

"Tunes on Taps" productions include piano, vocals, and jazz tap dance to all the best-loved songs from the 1800s to the new millennium with an emphasis on swing.

"My residents look forward to Patrice visiting every month!!! She sings all the songs my residents grew up enjoying and they always leave her performances happy!!!"
---Carol Hickey, ADC, Meadow Green Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, Waltham, MA

Patrice is a B.S.R.N. who has done extensive work in geriatric and community nursing. Through music as therapy she brings an entertaining yet therapeutic performance to her audience. Separate bookings for her strolling guitar at resident's bedside are also available. She encourages participation, making a special effort to reach individuals at all levels of functioning. Patrice has featured her 'Tunes on Taps' Program for over 15 years in hundreds of facilities and private functions. References available.

"You bring back memories of when I was..." --- Ed

"You do it better than any of them" --- Edna