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Going Places is a delightful interweaving of jazz original and standards to the magnificent piano playing of Eyran Katsenelenbogan Enjoy the beautiful swinging sultry vocals of Patrice sometimes with a touch of humor. They are available for bookings. To download music please visit:


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Shufflin' Time Band

The Shufflin' Time Band officially launched in 2007 is Jazz Swing with a Touch of Blues and Tap Dance.  Patrice's arrangements and compositions blend a strong rhythm section of piano bass and drums adding the temperature changing sounds of the saxophone. Sometimes cool..sometimes hot..always right on.  Their musical styles can be funky, driven, or vulnerable ballads with Patrice's beautiful vocal quality... never overdone. Unique to their sound Shufflin Time has the element of tap dance as percussion.  A strong accomplished tap dancer Patrice uses tap dance to add another layer of energy.  Monahan performs honest interpretations of standards and original tunes. Interesting arrangements balanced with improvisation underlie's Patrice's free spirit. This band can create an ambiance that is subdued and sultry to hard swing.

Band Members:

Patrice - Vocals - Percussive Tap Dance
Eyran Katsenelenbogen - Piano
Bill Mc Cormack - Bass
Richard Malcolm - Drums
Rick Stone - Sax
Nick Grondin - Guitar
Valery Marcantonio - Tap

Recent Performance: Logo

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Sample Performances:

patrice and val
Patrice and Valery tapping "Dorothy's Shim Sham" [Listen here]

Playing "Quirky" - instrumental: [Listen here]

Playing "Maybe" - Patrice vocals: [Listen here]

Performing at the LilyPad in Cambridge (March 2016):

Funky Ripple Blues:

The Thrill is Gone: